Zorbing and Paddle Boat Hire Northern Ireland & Ireland

This is a must have for your Fun Day or Event book early to avoid disapointment as this Experience is going to be popular!

Kids and adults can enjoy this activity alike and will have great fun!

Water Zorbing Hire

Water Zorbing

Water Ball Zorbing is a fantastic attraction at Fun days & events.

The Zorbs are contained with an inflatable pool holding 5 participants at any time.The participants crawl around the inflatable / cushioned Zorb to make the water ball move.

Suitable from Age 6 - Adult

Area required 40ft x 50ft

Please phone for further details


Hamster Ball Zorbing Hire

Our Hamster Ball Zorbing Experience is contained inside an inflatable barrier to restrict the Balls within a perimeter. The Barrier can be adjusted to a size that suits your event and venue

Up to 5 participants at any one time, Participants climb inside the Ball and crawl around on all fours like a hamster, this is how the balls move around inside the boundary, Balls can bounce off each other and the barrier with total safety as everything is air cushioned.

Suitable from Age 6 - Adult

Bumper Balls/Bubble Football

Protected by big inflatable bubbles players try to play football or just bump into each other with hilarious results.

Take part or just watch as players bump into and knock each other over like human bumper cars while playing football.

This game can be played on any open grass area, AstroTurf/3G pitch or indoor sports hall.

Highly entertaining fun which can be enjoyed by all ages. Perfect for Team Building, Knockout Day, Parties and Corporate Events

Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats - make a big splash at your event with this fantastic new attraction.

A great activity for children aged between 4-12 years.

A supervisor and fencing surround is provided.

we require an area of 40ft x 40ft Minimum.

Contact us for further details.