Inflatable Hire in Northern Ireland & Ireland

  • Prices on Request as everyone's requirements are different.
  • Enjoy 10% off when you hire 2 or more inflatables.
  • Hire a Garden Game of your choice at discounted prices along with an Inflatable.
  • All Inflatables include blowers, extension leads and safety mats.
  • We also deliver and set up the inflatable equipment, throughout Ireland.
  • Generators can be supplied where there is not a sufficient power supply.
  • Staff can be provided to supervise the inflatable equipment to make your party/event hassle free.
  • Designs & Themes of inflatables may vary from those is the pictures because in many cases we have more than one of each inflatable.


Soft Play Set 12ft x 12ft

Soft Play Set

Clearance Area Required:
16ft x 16ft.

Suitable for younger children 1-3 years old.

Our soft play area with cushioned mats, soft cubes and shapes will provide a safe, stimulating & fun environment for younger child that are often “too small” to fully enjoy other play equipment at fun days & events
The Soft Play Set would be Ideally hired along with our Party Playhouse, Toddler Play Centre or a Small Bouncy Castle to create an area suitable for younger children - "Toddler Zone" at fun days and events.


Toddler Play Centre 14ft x 16ft

Toddler Activity Centre

Toddler Activity Centre, Clearance Area Needed 16ft x 18ft.

Purpose built with younger children in mind the Toddler Play Centre has a bouncing area, ball pit, slide, ball juggler and free play area, where younger kids can play together with others of similar age & size.

The Toddler Play Centre can be hired as part of our Toddler Zone Collection, comprising of, our Soft Play Set, our Party Playhouse & A Small Bouncy Castle.

Toddler Mini Assault Course!

Mums & Dads can now relax as their younger children are catered for in a fun safe environment, suitable for their age group.

Deluxe Jungle Toddler Playzone

Clearance Area required 23ft x 18ft

This Jungle Themed soft play activity centre for toddlers comprises of a crawling area, gentle slide, ball pit, bouncing area & funnelled air fun. Providing endless activities & amusement for younger children at fun days & events.


Child's/Toddler Bouncy Castle 12ft x 12ft

Low walls so is perfect for indoor venues.

Clearance Area Required:
13ft x 16ft x 8ft tall.


Small Bouncy Castles can be hired as part of our Toddler Zone Collection, comprising of, our Soft Play Set, Toddler Play Centre & our Party Playhouse.

Child's/Toddler Bouncy Castle 12ft x 12ft

Rain Cover Included.

Clearance Area Required:
14ft x 18ft x 11ft tall.

Suitable for indoor venue with low ceiling.

Perfect for smaller gardens.

Small Bouncy Castles can be hired as part of our Toddler Zone Collection, comprising of, our Soft Play Set, Toddler Play Centre & our Party Playhouse.

Childs Box 'n' Slide Castle 12ft x 18ft

Rain Cover included.

Clearance area required:
14ft x 22ft.

Great small castle with slide ideal of long narrow gardens.

Adult/Child's Bouncy Castle 15ft x 15ft

Rain Cover Included.

Clearance Area Required:
18ft x 24ft.

Child's Bounce'N'Slide 14ft x 18ft

Rain Cover Included.

Clearance Area Required:
22ft x 22ft.

The most popular inflatable of our hire fleet!

Adult/Child's Bouncy Castle 16ft x 18ft

Rain Cover Included.

Clearance Area Required:
20ft x 26ft.

Ideal for a larger volume of participants.

Play and Slide Castle 18ft x 16ft

Rain Cover Included.

Clearance Area Required:
22ft x 22ft.

Slide is contained within the unit so kids do not have to leave the castle.

Slide is much taller than ordinary Bounce 'N' Slide Castles.

Pirate Ship Activity Castle

Pirate Ship - New for 2018

Large Activity Unit for kids of all ages, lots of obstacles inside for kids to play on. Size 9.8m x 5m required area 11.8m x 7m.









Hungry Hippos Dash & Grab

Players are strapped in with harnesses and bungee cords they have to run towards the middle to the ball pool to collect as many balls as possible before they are pulled back to the starting position, were they have to put the balls into a collection bag, the player with the most balls in the collection bag when the whistle blows wins!!!

Size 10.5m x 11.5m Required Area 12.5m x 13.5m

Disco Party Bus

Disco Party Bus

Clearance 13ft x 25ft

Catch the Party Bus! Our inflatable Disco Party Bus is designed for party fun, complete with an integrated music system & disco lighting.

The Disco Party Bus is much more than just a bouncy castle, it combines a bouncy castle, a slide & an assault course with disco lights & a speaker that blasts out music that you can bounce to!

Disco Dome

Disco Dome

Clearance 26ft x 26ft

Have your very own disco at home! Our Disco Dome Party Package is an all in one package to keep the little ones and big ones entertained.

The package includes our Disco Dome inflatable, disco lights & a disco sound system - just plug in your own iPod/mp3 player or iPhone and let the party start we can also supply a Disco Dome with a slide!

Child/Teenager's Inflatable Slide 22ft High

Clearance Area Required:
15ft x 30ft.

A great thrill for all kids.

Helter Skelter Slide


Clearance 26ft x 26ft

Let the kids have all the fun of the fair either in your very own back garden or at the Funday you are organising, Why wouldn't you? This slide is curved and has a total height of 25ft, the kids will have an amazing time in total safety.

Tractor & Trailer Assault Course

Tractor & Trailer Assault Course

New for 2017

Clearance 42ft x 22ft

Our new Farm Themed Tractor & Trailer Assault is a most for all Farm Enthusiasts.

This new style assault course is self-contained and you work your way to the bottom of this assault course and then come back on yourself.

It is a great attraction for Fun Days, Schools, Council Events, Fairs, Agricultural Shows & Corporate Days.

Rainbow Run 30ft Assault

Inflatable Assault Course 30ft x 10ft.

Clearance Area required 35ft x 15ft.

Suitable for age 3-12 yrs.

Great for Younger children!

Inflatable Assault Course 35ft x 10ft

Clearance Area Required:
40ft x 15ft.

Recommended ages:
5-16 years.

Assault Course contains jump through holes, biff and bash obstacles to fight your way through, a small wall to jump a good sized slide and bouncing zone.

Will Keep Children Occupied for Hours.

Inflatable Assault Course 45ft x 10ft

Clearance Area Required:
50ft x 15ft.

Recommended ages:
5 years - Adult.

Assault Course contains jump through holes, a squeeze through mangle, biff and bash obstacles, a large slide and bouncing zone.

Will Keep Children Occupied for Hours.

Inflatable Assault Course 80ft x 10ft

Clearance Area Required:
90ft x 15ft.

Recommended ages:
5 years - Adult.

Assault Course contains 2 sets jump through holes, 2 squeeze through mangles, 2 sets of biff and bash obstacles, 2 large slides and 2 bouncing areas.

Excellent for Fun Days and Events as it had a high throughput of kids.

Will Keep Children Occupied for Hours.

Unclimbable Ladder

Unclimbable Ladder - New for 2018

Challenging 2 player game, competitors battle it out in a race to the top to see who can ring the bell, not for the faint hearted with a total height of 20ft at the top of the ladder, Game size 4.5m x 3.4m required area 6m deep x 5m wide.








Bag Bash

2 Man Bag Bash - New for 2018

Competitive 2 Player Game - Each competitor has a padded bag and they use this to try and knock their opponent off the pole - first to do this wins, Simple. Game Size 4.6m x 5m, required area 6.6m x 7m



Kick n Stick Inflatable Dartboard

Kick n Stick Inflatable Dartboard

New for 2017

Clearance 22ft x 27ft

Kick 'n' Stick Foot Darts is a fun and interactive game that a group of people can play together. All you need is superior kicking skills, an accurate aim and the ability to add up to 180!

This mash-up of football and darts involves an inflatable 23ft dartboard, a set of Velcro balls and a big hoop on a stick to retrieve them.

Adult & Child's Sumo Suits with 12ft x 12ft Safety Mat

Clearance Area Required:
16ft x 16ft.

Discounted price for collecting sumos.

Great Crowd Puller at any Event/Fundraiser.

Gladiator Duel 22ft x 18ft

Clearance are required:
22ft x 26ft.

Recommended ages:
8-16 years.

Comes with pugel sticks and Gladiator helmets.

Brilliant fun for all ages even the big Kids.

Rock 'N' Roll

2 sizes available 20ft or 24ft diameter

Clearance Required:
22ft or 26ft Diameter respectively.

Recommended Age:
6/8 years - Adult.

2 Player Game.

Its the upgrade from the Gladiator Duel! The Rock 'n' Roll is one of our most popular games with customers hiring it time after time!

Watch the video below.

Bouncy Boxing 15ft x 15ft

Clearance Area Required:
20ft x 20ft.

2 Player Game

Players battle it out in rounds to defeat their opponent and be crowned champion.

Bungee Run 35ft x 12ft

Clearance area required:
40ft x 15ft.

Competitive non-contact fun for all ages.

Recommended for ages:
8 years - Adult.

Put your marker furthest along the Bungee Run to win.

Popular with 18-21st Birthdays and Gatherings.

A must have at any fun day.

Demolition Zone (Last man standing) 20ft x 18ft

Clearance Required Approx:
26ft x 22ft.

Competitive fun for all ages.

Recommended ages:
8 years - Adult.

2-4 Player Game.

Swing the ball to knock your opponents off there podiums.

Popular with 18 - 21st Birthdays and Gatherings.

This will be the most talked about item at your event.

Human Table Football

The game is 40ft Long x 25ft Wide.

Clearance Area Required:
48ft x 30ft.

Up to 12 players at a time.

This is a winner for all ages, from 6/8 year old football fans to Adults. It's hilarious and will entertain the spectators as much as the players!

Boot Camp Bouncing Balls

Boot Camp Bouncing Balls Clearance Area Required: 60ft x 25ft.

This is a One Player Game but has a very quick turnaround.

Up to 180 people can use per hour.

Suitable for ages 8 - Adult.

The aim of the game is to start at one end and jump from ball to ball across the all 4 of them and end up at the opposite end without falling off.



Last One Standing

Up to 8 Participants at a time

26ft Diameter clearance required.

Battle it out as part of a team or individually it sweeps back and forth up and down to knock participants off their podiums.

The Last One standing is a brilliant new addition to our range and can be used as part of Team Building / & Knock Out Days to bring even more thrills, spills and competitiveness to the events!


Horse Racing

Clearance Area 52ft x 25ft

A crazy game in which up to four competitors race down the track to the winning post on their trusty steed!

Hilarious fun for spectators and participants alike, this game will turn any party or event into a great competition.

Fantastic at Agricultural shows, equestrian/horse racing days, pony clubs and young farmers events. Also great at private parties, school and company fun days, corporate events, and team building.

Suitable for large indoor areas or outside


Inflatable Maze

Clearance Area Required 52ft x 25ft

Kids will love this inflatable labyrinth & will be twisting and turning to find their way out!

Children can jump around in the maze or race their way through to the end. There are dead ends and open walls, run through the last set of inflated obstacles and the first one out is the winner!!!

Great item for schools, churches, company picnics, fall festivals, winter & Halloween events.