Bungee Trampoline & Trailer Trampoline Hire in Northern Ireland & Ireland

Bungee Trampolines are one of the most exciting attractions on the market at present they can provide thrills for all ages. Participants can jump up to 33ft into the air, with total peace of mind knowing that they will be safe. Kids have the opportunity to experience an extreme sport whilst having fun.

Our Bungee Trampolines will be a spectacle at any event, the kids and adults alike will queue all day long for a go on these.

We can deliver, set up and supervise the tramponlines.

Bungee Trampolines

The complete set up takes an area of 33ft x 33ft.

The Bungee Tramopline can cope with participants up to 90kg.

It takes approx 1-2 hours to set-up.

XXL Bungee Trampolines

This unit is the same as above with the exception of height.

Participants can jump over 40ft into the air on this unit giving them the extra thrill.

This unit requires and area of 40ft x 40ft.

6 Bed Trailer Trampolines

6 Trampolines mounted onto a trailer.

Great for events and more affordable than the Bungee Trampolines.

These are also available for kids birthday parties.

6 kids can participate at any one time each having there own trampoline.

Suitable for toddlers - 16 years.

Required area 30ft x 30ft.