Balloon Races & Balloon Releases

Balloon races are an excellent way to raise money for your school, youth group, church or any organisation needing to raise funds. Minimal work is needed from your organisation, each member of your group is given a sheet with spaces on it to fill in buyers names and contact numbers also on the sheet is a few details, like what the money is going towards and when the balloon race is taking place (normally on a fun day or fair). It doesn't only have to be members of the group that sell balloons, sheets can be given to family and friends or even left in shops to maximize balloons sold.

On the day specified we will come and inflate the balloons and release them, we supply all needed components, ie, balloons, helium cylinders, helium fittings, labels and nets. The labels have a return address printed on them for the finder to send to. Normally the finder is offered a prize for returning the label if it is the furthest away to entice them to send it back.

We ask for a few volunteers on the race day as this will keep your expenses minimal. We also obtain all needed permission from the local and national authorities. We advise to keep your balloon race until the end of the day as this will keep the crowd at your fun day and they will spend more. Balloons can be sold weeks and even months ahead. A deadline for the return of balloons has to be set normally 1-2 months after the race for the return of labels. When the deadline is reached the label that has been returned from the farthest point wins a prize, try to get this prize sponsored by a business to keep cost to a minimum offer the business some advertising on your fun day.

Balloon Releases in Northern Ireland & Ireland

Balloon Releases are an excellent way of promoting a new business, a sporting event, a grand opening or a special occasion. They look well and will attract media and press which will enhance advertising for the promotion. All the work is done by us just tell us a date, time and place and we'll be there. We provide everything, balloons, nets, helium, helium fittings and our own smartly dressed staff.

Balloon Races in Northern Ireland & Ireland

We use environmentally friendly balloons and labels are biodegradable and no string is used to attach the label to the balloon!